About Yoshino no Oyado ~Yakusou to kito(medical herbs&Trees)~

Origin of the name” Yakusou to kito”

Nara Prefecture, where Japan’s oldest imperial court was located, has a deep connection with herbal medicines, which are the raw materials for ancient medicines.

In addition to historical factors, the southern part of Nara Prefecture is geologically blessed with sufficient rainfall, hot summers and cold winters, and little snowfall, making it an ideal environment for the cultivation of herbal medicines.

Yoshino no Oyado ~Medicinal Herbs and Trees~ is a renovated 100-year-old private house in the southern part of Nara Prefecture (Yoshino District).

Through mugwort/wormwood steaming(yomogimushi)and workshops, we have created a place where you can enjoy with all five senses while experiencing medicinal herbs and Yoshino cedar.

We especially want people who live in the city to experience the slow life in a quiet countryside where time passes slowly.